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Your media, your way

MARK is an on-premises media asset management software solution that combines an attractive and functional design with great features. Its browser based interface allows operation from any intranet connected device, including smartphones and tablets. Storage options include support for FOR-A's LTR/LTS units and IBM's LTFS/LE, LTFS/SD, making MARK a solution that fits both volume and budget needs.


  • Consolidated storage
  • Transcode to a corporate standard
  • LTFS support for long term storage
  • Easy integration with external systems
  • Many storage options to fit your needs
  • Intuitive user interface with great usability
  • Powerful search system
  • Web to the core, works with any desktop computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Segment tagging and extraction
  • Role based security
  • Fine grained access control
  • Server side transfers
  • Rapid deployment, great support

Download the MARK datasheet (PDF)

Discover MARK

MARK's lightweight user interface works with any de­vice that implements a standards compliant web browser.

Media can be ingested into the system using watch folders or the browser, enabling both au­to­mated and manual procedures.

Material can be manually downloaded for local use or be sent directly to playout servers.

See what MARK can do for you and your or­ga­ni­za­tion.